Madeira and the Azores among the best islands in Europe

  • ECO News
  • 9 August 2021

Madeira ranks 19th of the 70 best island destinations in Europe, while the Azores are in 31st position.

It’s summer. And the sun invites you to cool off, either by the pool or on the beach, preferably on an island. But which one to choose? Momondo has ranked the best islands to spend a good holiday on, now that the pandemic restrictions are starting to be lifted all around the globe. The famous islands of Greece stand out, but the Portuguese ones also deserve to be highlighted.

It is in Greece, more specifically in Crete that is the best island in Europe, according to Momondo. Although Greece takes first place, it is Spain that stands out in the top 5. Tenerife is in 2nd place, Lanzarote is in 4th place and Gran Canaria closes the top 5. In between, in 3rd place, is Cyprus.

Although Portugal does not appear in the top 10 of this ranking of 70 islands, Madeira and the Azores appear in this ranking in 19th and 31st position respectively. In the Azores, it is the island of Santa Maria, followed by São Miguel (32nd position) that conquer more visitors. Terceira appears in 34th place.

Momondo collected data from 70 European islands based on seven categories: climate, flight accessibility, prices (of hotels, car rental, restaurants, local food and transport).

Among the best islands for budget holidays, Madeira occupies the eighth position. In the Azores, São Miguel is in sixth place and Santa Maria in tenth place.