Galp aims for 10,000 electric car charging stations in Iberia by 2025

  • Lusa
  • 2 June 2021

The company's CEO, Andy Brown, announced on Wednesday that Galp plans to have around 10,000 charging stations in Iberia by 2025.

Portugal’s diversified energy group, Galp plans to have, as part of its electric mobility objectives, around 10,000 charging stations in Iberia by 2025, the company’s CEO said on Wednesday.

“We want to modernise and offer new products and services to our customers. We plan to have up to 10,000 charging stations in Iberia by 2025,” Andy Brown said at a presentation of the company’s strategic plan to analysts.

According to the perspectives disclosed on Wednesday in an online event, Galp thus intends, in terms of electric mobility, to maintain a leadership position in Portugal and increase its relevance in Spain.

During the session, Andy Brown noted that the industry will not be static in the next decade, adding that Galp has a strong and resilient portfolio that enables it to accompany the energy transition.

“Change is also an opportunity for [the] renewable energy segment. The energy transition implies a change, not only at the portfolio level but also in terms of culture,” he said.

Galp had already announced this morning that renewable energy should account for about 30% of the group’s net investment over the next five years, to reach an operating generation capacity of more than four gigawatts (GW) by 2025.

Over this period, the company plans to invest an average of between €800 million and €1 billion per year until 2025, which represents a reduction of around 20% compared to the previous plan.