Portugal among the European countries with the lowest job vacancy rates

  • ECO News
  • 15 December 2020

In Portugal, the job vacancy rate stands at 0.7%, significantly below the European average of 1.7%. 

Portugal has the second-lowest vacancy rate in the European Union: 0.7%. According to data released on Tuesday by Eurostat, only Greece appears further down the table (0.5%). By comparison, the average for the European Union and the euro area stood at 1.7% in Q3 2020.

According to Eurostat, between July and September, “the job vacancy rate was 1.7% in both the euro area and the EU, up from 1.6% in the previous quarter and down from 2.2% in Q3 2019.”

The note published this Monday also details that in 24 of the Member States (including Portugal) the job vacancy rate went down between July and September compared with the same period last year, most notably in Germany (-1 p.p.), the Czech Republic (-0.9 p.p.) and Latvia (-0.8 p.p.).

Even though the lowest job vacancy rates were observed in Greece (0.5%), as well as in Poland and Portugal (both 0.7%).

In Portugal’s case, the rate remained stagnant compared with the previous quarter, but fell by 0.3 p.p. compared with the same period a year earlier.

In contrast, it was in the Czech Republic and Belgium that the highest job vacancy rates in the European Union were recorded between July and September: 5.3% and 3.3% respectively.