Foreigners bought 233 properties in Lisbon during Q2

  • ECO News
  • 19 October 2020

The real estate market in Central Lisbon received half of the foreign investment observed in the first quarter.

Real estate investments continued to be made during the second quarter, however, they fell by half compared to the first quarter. According to data from Confidencial Imobiliário, 233 residential properties in Central Lisbon were acquired by buyers from 31 foreign countries. Although this is a relevant figure, resulting in a 112.3 million euros investment, it represents a fall of 50%.

Analyzing the period between April and June, it can be observed that Chinese buyers “were the most dynamic”, with a 33% share in the volume of international investment. Behind them are the French (13%), the Brazilians (7%), the Americans (6%) and the British (5%).

As far as the parishes are concerned, Estrela proved to be the most interesting to invest, adding about 25.4 million euros invested, ahead of Santa Maria Maior (23.5 million euros) and Santo António (17.8 million euros). The remaining parishes received less than ten million euros of international investment in housing this quarter.

“The slowdown in foreign investment between the two quarters was transversal to all the parishes,” according to Confidencial Imobiliário, which points out Estrela as one of the parishes with the least dynamic loss, with a drop of only 12% in the amount transacted. In Santa Maria Maior, the drop was 50% and in Santo António 63%.