Bondstone Real Estate wants to invest 400 million in Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 5 March 2020

The company has 400 million to invest over the next two years in middle-class homes, offices, hotels, student and senior residences in the country.

The real estate investment and management company Bondstone wants to invest 400 million euros in the next two years in Portugal. According to Dinheiro Vivo newspaper, the target is housing projects for the middle class, offices, hotels and student and senior homes. And there are already British and American funds interested in cooperating.

Bondstone is not a novice in the national market because it owns the Louvre Properties, who has nine projects in development in Portugal. Once completed, it will be time for new ‘flights’. Four opportunities have already been identified in the Lisbon area, where homes for the middle class and offices can be developed, but the company is also monitoring Porto, Paulo Loureiro, CEO of the company and founder of Louvre Properties, told Dinheiro Vivo.

Although they have 400 million thought out, there are already 100 million in the portfolio, ready to be invested in the right businesses.