Government spends almost 1,000 million euros to pay hospital debts in 2019

  • ECO News
  • 12 December 2019

The government is going to inject a further 550 million euros into hospitals so that they can pay off debts to suppliers.

The government will use almost a billion euros this year to inject into hospitals so that they can pay off their debts to suppliers. The Minister of Health announced this Wednesday that there will be another reinforcement until the end of the year. But even with this supplement, the debt will not be completely eliminated.

In the extraordinary Council of Ministers of this Wednesday, the Government announced the approval of a resolution that foresees “a budget increase of 550 million euros for the reduction of the stock of delayed payments”.

“The 550 million euros are in addition to the approximately 445 million euros that have already been injected this year,” the Ministry of Health’s official source told ECO.

With this amount, and what had already been injected before, increases to 995 million euros the reinforcement given to hospitals to pay debts to suppliers.

This value is added to the 1,400 million euros for payment of debts to suppliers that was announced by the former Minister of Health, Adalberto Campos Fernandes. At the end of 2017, 900 million euros were transferred to hospitals for this purpose, to which 500 million euros were added in 2018.