Regulator opens new investigation to Jerónimo Martins in Poland

  • ECO News
  • 18 October 2019

The issue is the fact that Biedronka, the Jerónimo Martins retailer in Poland, allegedly has different prices for its products on the shelves from those that customers pay at the cash register.

Polish regulator UOKiK announced this Friday that it will investigate how prices in Biedronka, the Polish retail chain of Jerónimo Martins, are presented to customers. The fine can amount to 10% of the company’s turnover.

“The allegations relate to the visibility of lower prices next to the product, followed by a higher price at the counter in Biedronka chain stores,” said the country’s competition authority, quoted by Reuters.

In practice, UOKik claims that customers pay more for the product at the cash register than the price displayed on the shelves, irregularities which were detected after receiving complaints from consumers and after inspections by the authorities. “It can be an unfair market practice,” said Marek Niechciuk, president of UOKiK.

The competition regulator also said that the company could be fined up to 10% of turnover. In 2018, Biedronka invoiced 11.7 billion euros, representing 67% of Jerónimo Martins’ total sales.

The same authority recently announced that it was investigating the retailer for suspicions of unfair commercial practices, explaining that the company risks a fine equivalent to 3% of turnover.

Jerónimo Martins’ shares are falling 0.26% in Lisbon, trading at 15.14 euros. The PSI-20 drops 0.28% to 4,999.85 points.