Galp Energia helps the Lisbon Stock Exchange rising

  • ECO News
  • 7 October 2019

The European stock markets recovered on a day when Galp shone in the Portuguese square.

The Lisbon Stock Exchange began the week winning in the aftermath of Sunday’s legislative elections and Friday’s rise in the Portugal’s rating, having followed the trend of European pairs. The national square was boosted by the energy sector on a day when Galp Energia shone.

This Monday, the PSI-20 gained 0.52%, to 4,933.21 points, a rise driven by the gain of 2.24% in shares of the national oil company, on a day of appreciation of the price of oil.

Galp Energia announced that it has reinforced its commitment to renewable energy with the signing of a new contract in Spain, which helped the company’s securities.

EDP also pulled the index, rising 0.88%, to 3.657 euros each security, while in the telecommunications sector, Nos also contributed to the gains in Lisbon, appreciating 1.18%. Each title of the company led by Miguel Almeida is worth 5.16 euros.

In the other hand, Altri recorded the worst performance of the session, falling 3.58% to 5.39 euros. And Mota-Engil also weighed on the Portuguese market, with a loss of 1.80%, to 1.744 euros per share.