DBRS Agency expects “the same” from the next government

  • ECO News
  • 7 October 2019

After the victory of the Socialist Party (PS) in the elections, the Canadian agency does not expect great changes in the conduct of the country.

For DBRS, the victory of the Socialist Party (PS) in this Sunday’s elections will not bring significant changes in what has been the governance of the country in recent years. The Canadian agency anticipates a new ‘Geringonça’, but this time is calm about the situation.

“Following the election results, we expect the new government to look like the existing coalition,” said Jason Graffam, DBRS analyst, who just last Friday raised the Republic’s debt rating by one level to BBB (high).

“Perhaps the most important thing is that we expect the new executive to behave in the same way. Successive Portuguese governments have shown a strong commitment to orthodox policies and to face the economic and budgetary challenges”, added the responsible.

Moreover, in the rating assessment at the end of last week, Canadians had already stated that they expect a “continuity of budgetary policy”, regardless of the winner of the elections. Now, in the note released this Monday with the title “Elections in Portugal: Waiting for more of the same”, the DBRS says it does not expect changes, given that “the result of the legislative elections points to a broad continuity of domestic policies”.