Elections: polls point to a victory for the Socialist Party

  • ECO News
  • 4 October 2019

Two days before the elections, polls point to a victory for the Socialist Party (PS) this Sunday, but without a majority.

The polls are unanimous: the Socialist Party (PS) should not get an absolute majority this Sunday, because the Social Democrats (PSD) are just behind by ten points.

According to the ISCTE and ICS poll, PS has 38% of the voting intentions, with 104 to 114 members elected, a result that represents a drop of nine points in a month. The PSD, on the other hand, has 28%, which could translate into 73 to 83 seats, meaning that social democrats have recovered five points since the last survey, rising from 23% to 28%.

If these results are confirmed, the portuguese prime minister António Costa will need only one party on the left to form a government: Left Bloc (BE), Communist Party (PCP) or People–Animals–Nature (PAN).

The Left Bloc seems to be cementing its position as the third political force to succeed in electing 16 to 24 deputies, which attributes 10% of the voting intentions to the Block, more or less the same result as in 2015.

PCP, on the other hand, has 7% of the voting intentions, getting closer to 8.3%, the same number as four years ago, but could end up losing seats in the parlament, as it could elect 9 to 15 members.

At last but not least, according to ISCTE/ICS, PAN has 3% of the voting intentions, which could translate into two to five deputies, catching the People’s Party (CDS), which could also elect five to ten members (5%).