Navigator drops 3%. BCP drags Lisbon stock exchange

  • ECO News
  • 1 October 2019

Navigator dictated the first losses of the PSI-20 after three sessions of gains.

The Portuguese stock exchange closed in red after three earnings sessions, in line with European peers. It ended up being affected by the drop in BCP shares, on a day when Navigator stood out for its falls, losing more than 3%.

The PSI-20 depreciated 0.5%, to 4,948.99 points, with 12 securities in fall and the remaining six on the rise. In Lisbon, Navigator was the negative highlight, on a day where the shares fell 2.99% to 3.184 euros, leading to falls in the domestic market.

Once again BCP plunged into the red zone. The securities of the bank led by Miguel Maya retreated 1.68%, to 18.74 cents, a record that is in line with the losses of 1.5% of the European sector. This performance happens on the day that BCP announced in a statement the merger of Bank Millennium, a 50.1% subsidiary, with Euro Bank.

Among the largest losses, CTT saw its securities depreciate 1.79% to 2.086 euros.

On the upside, Nos and Sonae stand out. Telecom shares totalled 1.7%, to 5.095 euros, while retail shares advanced 1.11%, to 86.45 cents.

In the EDP universe, the course of actions was mixed. EDP appreciated (0.39%, to 3.576 euros), while EDP Renováveis was pressured (-0.61%, to 9.83 euros).