Looking for some quality time? Find here 5 estates to rehabilitate for less than 40K€

  • ECO News
  • 19 August 2019

Stressing lives in big cities usually many people to look for some quieter and more peaceful alternatives in the countryside. Alentejo is definitely the hotspot for some bargains in this segment.

Stressing lives in big cities usually many people to look for some quieter and more peaceful alternatives in the countryside – even if it is for just a couple of days! Alentejo is definitely the hotspot for such needs as some opt to stay in rural tourism units. Others prefer buying their own little property there – in Portuguese, we call it “monte” (in the South of the country) or “quintinha” (in the North). Despite the real estate market in Portugal is booming, one can still find some bargains in this segment. ECO prepared a list of the top five estates in Alentejo that can be yours for less than 40k€.

Alandroal: House and a 5,125m2 backyard

Located in Terena, municipality of Alandroal and district of Évora, this rustic house is looking for a new owner, according to Remax’s website.

The one-bedroom house is 40m2  and a bathroom, needing some improvements with the possibility of expanding it upwards. This property comes with a 5,125m2 land with olive and fig trees, displaying “a wide view over the Alentejo’s typical landscape”. Its current owner dropped the price by 3,000€ to 17,500€.

Alqueva: countryside house and a 3,700m2 backyard

Inserted in a 3,700m2 land, this two-divisions’ countryside house is located a few meters distance from Montejunto fluvial beach and Alqueva. There is the option of improving the existing house or even building a new one. The property comes with olive trees, a little brook and a well. It is in the market for 29,000€.

Baleizão: house in a 2-hectare land

Two-kilometres distant from Baleizão, Beja, this “monte” has 2-hectare of land looking for a new owner. It has olive trees and two wells as it is composed by 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. It has 164m2 as it is currently in ruins. The property is for sale for 35,000€.

Alandroal: “monte” with an 8,750m2 backyard

Located in Santa Maria Maior, Alandroal, this 8,750m2 Alentejo’s monte is composed by an 85m2 one-bedroom house with a bathroom as well. It is a kilometre and half away from the main road as the access is made through land roads. It has olive and other fruit trees and a well. The property is in the market for 40,000€.

Pomar Velho: Estate with 63,000m2 and two houses

“Located in a calm and peaceful place”, Pomar Velho (district of Beja), this “monte” comes with a 63,344m2 land for just 40,000€. The property is composed of two houses (one-bedroom and a two bed-room) needing improvements as it also comes with stables, haystack and an old bread baking oven.

It comes also with a well that can be used to water the land. There, one can find fruit trees, olive trees and even cork oaks, presenting the future owner with the possibility of monetising the space for agricultural purposes.