Housing prices soar in Almada, beating Porto and Lisbon’s.

  • ECO News
  • 31 July 2019

Amadora registered the highest increase in housing price in the first three months of the year. It has increased by 22.7% relative to the national average of 9.2%.

Lisbon keeps registering the highest housing prices in the country, despite Amadora registering the most accentuated increase in those relative to the national average.

According to the National Institute of Statistics, the average housing price in Almada soared by 22.7% relative to the same trimester of last year with an average price of 1,304€/m2. The national average increase in housing price was 9.2%. There were other 46 municipalities where the price per square meter surpassed the national average of 1000€/m2.

In the first trimester of 2019, the national average housing price reached 1,011€/m2, which represents an increase of 1.5% relative to the previous trimester and 6.4% relative to the same trimester of last year. Both the Algarve, Lisbon area and Madeira keep being above the national average.

Lisbon tops the national prices ranking with 3,111€/m2 in the first trimester. The housing price in the capital increased by 20.5% relative to the first trimester of 2018, registering a record pricing increase (87.9%) in the neighbourhood of Marvila as Santo António keeps being the most expensive one with properties costing an average of 4.724€/m2.

While the once most expensive neighbourhood in Lisbon, Parque das Nações, devaluated by 1.2% to 3.311€/m2, Santa Clara keeps being the cheapest neighbourhood to buy a property within the Lisbon area (2.058€/m2).

In Porto, the prices increased by 22% to an average housing price of 1.682€/m2. There, the neighbourhood of Foz do Douro keeps registering the highest average price in the municipality: 2.324€/m2. However, the highest pricing increase was observed in Bonfim, soaring 47.5% to 1.654€/m2.

Among other cities registering prices above 1,500€/m2, Cascais (2,389€/m2), Oeiras (2,062€/m2), Loulé (1,983€/m2), Lagos (1,800€/m2), Albufeira (1,761€/m2), Tavira (1,669€/m2), Odivelas (1,563€/m2) and Funchal (1,542€/m2) are on the spotlight.