CTT going public again? Anacom does not comment

  • ECO News
  • 6 June 2019

Anacom refuses to enter the debate on whether the government should be a shareholder of CTT but reminds that the State must ensure quality and universal postal service.

The President of Anacom (Portuguese Regulatory Agency for Communications), João Cadete de Matos, has said that it is not the agency’s role to comment on whether the government should be a shareholder of the CTT Postal Service or not. Despite the postal service’s being totally owned by private investors, Cadete de Matos has stressed the importance of a good contract between the Portuguese State and the Operator to ensure and enforce that a universal postal service is in place.

In a hearing in Parliament, Cadete de Matos also acknowledged that “the current concession contract did not foresee some situations that happened”. The next government will be in charge of renegotiating the terms of that contract in 2020, taking into account that Portugal has no other operator capable of competing or even providing the same service that CTT does.