Fiat’s merge with Renault would take over a third of Portugal’s car sales

  • ECO News
  • 27 May 2019

The goal to create the third biggest global group in the automotive sector, Fiat and Renault, would impact big in the portuguese market, says the Portuguese Society of Motor Traders (ACAP).

Fiat is willing to give a try in convincing Renaut to merge and then to create the world’s third-biggest automotive player, which will be positioned right after the Japanese Toyota and the German Volkswagen in that ranking. If the merger is successfully agreed, that would be representing 30.24% of Portugal’s total in car sales.

The Portuguese Society of Motor Traders (ACAP) indicates that Renault leads the national market with 13,335 car sales just in the first four months of the current year. Fiat is just fifth with 6,241 sales, which means that any possible merge with Renault would be substantially positive to the Italian company.

However, this equation is not just about Renault and Fiat by themselves. Renault controls 43.4% of the Japanese Nissan, which controls Mitsubishi for instance. If one adds Dacia’s car sales, Renault low-cost brand, Renault would be totaling 20.897 car sales just in Portugal and in the same abovementioned period.  Fiat, for instance, controls other small brands, such as Alfa Romeo and Jeep, and was accountable for 7.061 car sales in Portugal.