European elections: PS leads polls with 30-34% in Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 26 May 2019

Socialist Party´s expressive victory was followed by the social-democrats in second place. Abstention was at 70%.

According to RTP, the Socialist Party (PS) led by the current Prime-Minister António Costa is thought to have won this Sunday’s European elections with 30%-34% of the votes. The socialists are tipped to win 8 to 9 seats in the European Parliament.

The Social-Democrats (PSD) will take second place with 20% to 24%, which will be ensuring 5-6 seats. The left-wing parties supporting the current government had the most surprising results tonight with Bloco de Esquerda (BE) polling between 9% to 12% of the votes (2-3 seats) and the Communist Party being represented in the European Parliament with two seats (5% to 7%).

The former coalition partner, the Christian-Democrats (CDS-PP) is expecting to have the worst result amongst the main Portuguese parties running for this election. It will only be able to guarantee 1 to 2 seats with just 5-7% of the votes.

One of the biggest surprises of tonight was PAN (a rising ecologist party), which might have the chance to win one seat in the European Parliament.

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