Drop in industrial output 2nd-largest in EU, 3rd-largest YoY

  • ECO News
  • 14 January 2019

Year-on-year industrial output in Portugal fell by 2.9%, behind Ireland (-9.1%) and Germany (5.1%). The largest increases in industrial production were felt in Estonia, Greece and Malta.

Portugal in November had the second-largest month-on-month drop in industrial production among European Union member states and the third-largest year-on-year drop, said the EU’s statistical office, Eurostat, on Monday.

In November Portugal’s industrial production fell 2.5%, behind only Ireland, where it was down 7.5%. Overall in the euro area the drop was 1.7% and in the EU as a whole 1.3%.

On the year, industrial production was down 2.9% in Portugal, behind Ireland (-9.1%) and Germany (-5.1%). Overall in the euro are output was down 3.3% while in the EU as a whole it was down 2.2%.

According to Eurostat, the largest year-on-year increases were in Estonia (7.9%), Poland (5.3%) and Hungary (3.5%). The largest monthly increases were in Estonia (4.5%), Greece (3.1%) and Malta (2.8%).