Startup Tonic App enters US market

  • ECO News
  • 24 December 2018

Portuguese startup Tonic App, an App for doctors which was launched in 2017, is expanding. It hopes to reach the Brazilian and the Spanish market, after having assisted 18% of Portuguese doctors.

Portuguese startup Tonic App, which created an app for Portuguese doctors in 2017, has been accepted in the US accelerator “The Venture City” for a six-month programme according to the CEO, Daniela Seixas.

Their aim is to start planning the expansion to the Spanish and the Brazilian markets, after a year and a half of experience with over 8000 Portuguese doctors, accounting to 18% of the total of the Portuguese doctors’ cohort.

“We needed to leave Portugal”, the co-founder of the startup told Lusa. Tonic App is a tool which allows doctors to communicate with each other, and it has a search engine with relevant information they might need (such as norms from the Health Directorate General and some reference charts from ADSE, the discount programme for state employees).

TheVentureCity is based in Miami, and its format includes a remote follow-up, a week per month spent in the accelerator, and 100 thousand dollars in return of 6% of the company’s shareholding position.

Tonic App will be doing the programme in Madrid, coordinating it with the headquarters in Florida, and the Spanish market is therefore one of the first targets of the Portuguese startup.

The app, which has already been translated to spanish, english and french, will also be launched in the United Kingdom and in France, but Spain is where the highest conversion rates have been registered so far in app stores.

The support of TheVentureCity is vital, ad it will allow for the startup to evaluate the latin american markets in 2019, given the fact that these markets have a great need for these services.

The app is free — and the business model is centred in “providing support from doctors to all those in the health sector”.