Paper receipts end this year. Companies are already adapting to electronic billing

  • ECO News
  • 24 December 2018

Paper receipts will no longer be used, and companies are trying to understand how to adapt to the shift. Some certification companies have registered more demand this month alone, than in 2017.

Interest in electronic billing has increased, and this trend is being felt by the many companies which are developing technology in this area or those which have created certification tools for this process. That is the case of Multicert – during the last month alone, the Portuguese digital certification company has felt a spike in interest from customers which surpassed that which was registered in the whole of 2017.

After the government issued a decree declaring the end of paper receipts, companies have started racing to adapt to the shift — both in the business to business sector and the business to consumer sector. As for the business to consumer sector, the customers will only get a paper receipt if they ask for it, starting in January.

There is now an open window for the modernization of the billing systems in the retail sector, adopting now a service which has been already applied, long ago, for water, electricity, gas distributors and telecoms. However, with the new legal framework, interest increased, from all companies in all sectors.

Starting in 2019, all receipts from state suppliers have to be electronic, under the Simplex+2018 measure, and company managers are also realising that this will be a great opportunity to reduce costs with paper.