State Budget 2018, received wide approval in the Parliament

  • ECO News
  • 31 October 2018

This Tuesday, the parties had to approve the entirety of the budget in the Parliament, after a two-day debate round. PSD and CDS-PP voted against.

PS (Socialists), BE (Leftists), PCP (Communists), Os Verdes (Ecologist Party), and PAN (Animals and Nature Party) have all accepted the general lines of the budget for 2019, proposed by the government, last Tuesday, after a round of two days of discussions in the Parliament.

The debate was very heated up between the left and the right, with many accusations being exchanged between these two sides of the political sphere.

Monday the parliamentarians spent more than five hours discussing the budget, while this Tuesday the debate went on for about six more hours, having been unsurprisingly approved. However, the final voting is scheduled for the 29th of November, in which date the Prime-Minister will give a closing speech.

Exiting the plenary session, the Prime Minister said that he was not escaping the debate, but yet waiting for the right moment to intervene, which in this case would be the aforementioned speech scheduled for late November.

He also noted that the budget had to be good, given the fact that the opposition has been calling it part of the “electioneering programme”.