Do you want to spare some money on your energy bills? Galp and GoldEnergy are the cheapest

  • ECO News
  • 31 October 2018

The electricity distributors providing the cheapest prices to consumers are the same if you only add electricity or if you choose to add natural gas to the bill, according to ERSE.

Which distributor is offering the best savings in your energy bill? That depends. Galp is the cheapest for consumers with a bigger household, even if it is charging on electricity alone or with light and natural gas. For smaller houses, as i.e. a couple with no children, GoldEnergy ends up being the most economical choice.

The comparisons were made by the Energy Services Regulator (ERSE), in a bulletin which is analyzing the commercial offers available in the electricity retail market, with the reference value of the last week of September.

ERSE presents three types of consumers: a couple without children, a couple with two children and a couple with four children. For those who are only looking for electricity, provision can choose between 18 different distributors, while those who want electricity and natural gas can choose between six different distributors.

The values estimated for the annual invoicing do not include taxes and extra fees.

GoldEnergy offers the cheapest bills for a couple without any kids, and the consumer will pay around € 325 per year with this operator, according to the prices charged in the last week of September, gathered by ERSE.

Galp is the best choice for a couple with two children, with the energy bill getting at € 844 per year, making the consumer save € 128 per year for a customer who opts for the most face, of the Spanish Audax.