Government launches app to sell public debt to families

  • ECO News
  • 31 October 2018

Government bonds could be purchased only through the CTT (postal services), followed by the "citizen's shops"(Lojas do Cidadão). Now, the bonds can be bought through a smartphone.

Investing in public debt bonds just became easier with the new initiative from the government. The state announced it would be possible to purchase government bonds in the citizen shops and in CTT, but now they took it one step further: government bonds will be available through an electronic platform, in the format of an app for smartphones. Ricardo Mourinho Félix, secretary of state for finances, has told ECO that this will be the next step of the plan to sell government bonds.

“It has been nearly a year since we announced that the treasury bills and savings certificates would be made available in citizen shops and CTT postal offices”, the secretary of state for finances told ECO.

“We want to continue to optimize the commercialization channels for government’s savings certificates and treasury bonds, and it will be useful to resort to mobile apps, and electronic platforms to improve that service”, Mourinho Félix noted.

The sales channels were improved, and the government intends to continue betting on these optimizations.

The Portuguese government looks at smartphones as a way to ease the process of investment in government bonds and has announced that it will launch an app so that citizens who want to invest in them can more easily access the assets.

They followed the example of the banking sector, which has started to bet in apps that ease the process of commercialization of credit for consumption and housing credit.