Government’s reshuffle. Portugal has new Ministers of Defence, Economy, Health and Culture

  • ECO News
  • 15 October 2018

After Azeredo Lopes' resignation, the Prime Minister António Costa has started a reshuffling of his administration. He nominated new ministers for Defence, Economy, Health and Culture.

The resignation of Azeredo Lopes from his role as Minister of Defence was the first step towards a reshuffle of the government, with Prime minister António Costa appointing new ministers for Defence, Economy, Health and Culture.

João Gomes Cravinho, Pedro Siza Vieira, Marta Temido and Graça Fonseca took office this morning, at Palácio de Belém.

This is a “heavy” governmental reshuffle, given its timing, as we are now entering the very last months before the election. These strategic changes might make or break this administration.

Deputy Prime Minister, Siza Vieira, will now take the role of Economy Minister, with an interesting development for this Ministry coming ahead, as it leaves behind the Energy Affairs portfolio (which is now going to be under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment).

Reuters noted last Sunday that this is “the biggest cabinet reshuffle since Prime Minister Antonio Costa’s minority socialist government came to power in 2015 and aims to bolster the administration going into next year’s election”.