ANA Airports gets 44 year-long concession agreement for Montijo’s airport

  • ECO News
  • 2 October 2018

The agreement memo between the government and the airport manager ANA is aiming at increasing the airport capacity in the region. The 44 year-long agreement will be signed before the 15th of October.

ANA Airports Portugal was awarded the concession for the new airport that will be built in Montijo until 2062. The national airport manager will sign an agreement memo with the government before the 15th of October.

The expansion of Lisbon’s region airport capacity represents an investment which is below one billion euros, according to Jornal de Negócios, a Portuguese newspaper. Part of that value will start being reflected on the airport taxes charged in Lisbon. In this agreement, the airport manager has become responsible for bearing all costs of the investment phase of the project, in exchange for Lisbon’s Airport 17/35 runway.

The airport should start functioning in 2022, and according to the minister for infrastructures, Pedro Marques, the solution for complementing Lisbon’s airport is not limited to the construction of Montijo’s airport, stating that “new options for complementing this airport will soon be announced”.