Super Bock exports to China. Profits went up by 34%

  • ECO News
  • 1 August 2018

The company has shown its best results to date, according to Rui Lopes Ferreira, head of Super Bock Group. There was as well a significant growth in the company's exports to China.

Super Bock has witnessed a profit growth of around 33.6% which accounted for a €51,3m revenue, over the last year. This year, according to Rui Lopes Ferreira, the company has presented some of their best results to date.

The head of the company noted this is the reflection of the transformations the group started to go through, three years ago. This Tuesday the company released its financial statement, showing the group has billed €520.9m last year, which represents a 23% improvement in comparison to last year’s performance, while its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) went up by 19.5%, shifting from €85.8m to €102.5m.

The beer company located in Leça do Balio, in Matosinhos (north of Portugal), increased its equity by 9.3% – a growth of €15.9m. Super Bock produced 523 million liters of beer, exceeding 100 million liters in exports (with particular note to China, to whom sales have doubled – the Chinese market even created a special premium brand for their imported Portuguese beer).

Internal market re-structure

In terms of the internal market, the company has re-structured a bit their strategy. There has been a “very significant growth of beer, cider, and water sales“, the report showed. Also, the group bet on a “reduction of the direct sales in Lisbon, focusing on enlarging the territory the group is accessing“.

The average number of employees last year stood at 1,351 which represented a 1.4% growth in comparison to last years’ staff weight. The group spent €52.4m with its employees, including those with temporary contracts.

Rui Lopes Ferreira also noted that the 90th anniversary of the company was an important milestone for the group, one that couldn’t have been better celebrated than with the excellent results they achieved.

“Super Bock has a new corporative identity on its 90th anniversary, and our growth is to be continued in the years to come, strengthening our presence in other markets, besides China, in which we have significantly gained weight.” the report showed.