NOS’ investment in tech boosts with 5G race

  • ECO News
  • 23 July 2018

Over the course of the first six months of 2018, NOS got more clients. The company's profits increased and so did their net results. The communications company is betting hard on 5G.

During the first semester of 2018, the communications company increased its net results by almost 10%. They went up by €80m while investment almost went up to €100m thanks to the 5G race.

Over the course of the first six months of 2018, NOS got more clients. The company’s profits increased and so did its net results.

The rise in net profit accelerated in the second half of the first semester, raising the stake to €80m, during which period the investment bill reached almost €100m.

Its customer portfolio is enlarging, and Miguel Almeida revealed that the number of services provided increased significantly again, by 2.6% in relation to the same period of 2017. Also, by the end of the six-month period, the company had reached €9.499m in net results, due to a 3.9% increase in mobile services, 3.8% increase in wire-line broadband, 0.8% in fixed line telephone, and 1.5% in television broadcast services.

"Regarding the mobile network services, our main focus was to channel our investment heavily towards our infrastructures that will comply with 5G demands. We are preparing our network for this stage.”


More investment please, 5G is coming

“This trimester [the second trimester of the year] was marked by a significant reinforcement in developing our networks to prep the company for the 5G wireless technology. “

The investment in tech went up to €51.7m, whereas the total figure of NOS’ investment spending was €91.7m. By the end of the year, the net financial debt accumulated by the company was 3.2% higher than last year.