Ryanair faces cabin crew strike. Portuguese workers will stop this July

  • ECO News
  • 4 July 2018

Unions want the airline company applying the existing legislation from the country in which they are based, instead of having to abide by Irish legislation.

Ryanair’s pilots based in Ireland have announced a strike to be undertaken on the next 12th of July. Now, the airline’s cockpit crews have decided to join the protests, with dates still to be confirmed. The unions representing the cockpit crews in Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, and Italy will soon announce when will they strike.

Their first demand is that the company starts complying with the national legislation of the country in which the cabin crew is stationed. Currently, Ryanair is applying its headquarters legislation to all employees, no matter where they have been relocated to.

This Thursday the Unions of the five above-mentioned countries will meet in Brussels to discuss when the strike will occur, although the strike is probably going to occur during the month of July, Bruno Fialho, leader of the Portuguese Aviation National Staff Union, told ECO.

Last April, the crew members of Ryanair based in Portugal had already organized a three-day strike, that became rather polemic as letters threatening to fire the staff were made public.

Although the airline decided not to succumb to the pressure and revoked all the requirements its employees had made, they now have to face a European wide strike, with yet another resentful turn coming around in the story of Ryanair versus workers unions.