Fernando Pinto is leaving TAP. Antonoaldo Neves is the successor

  • ECO News
  • 11 January 2018

Fernando Pinto is leaving the executive presidency of TAP in the end of this month. He was a part of the company for 17 years. Antonoaldo Neves will be his successor.

Fernando Pinto is leaving the executive presidency of TAP, the Portuguese airline. The exit should take place in the end of January, and his successor has been chosen: Antonoaldo Neves, 42 years-old, who is the former CEO of the Brazilian airline Azul and is TAP’s current Chief Commercial Officer. The announcement of his exit was confirmed in a letter to the company’s workers, accessed by Lusa.

“I am absolutely certain that, with Antonoaldo’s leadership, TAP will continue this incredible growth process. I feel fully accomplished, both professionally and personally — because my mission is complete. The company is in the right path and I am fulfilled”, is stated in the letter.

Fernando Pinto leaves the presidency of the company because his mandate has come to an end. Antonoaldo Neves, former leader of Azul, has been chosen to replace him. The new members of the administration will be presented until January 16 by Parpública and the private partners of Atlantic Gateway, David Neeleman and Henrique Pedrosa.

Until now, Antonoaldo Neves was Chief Commercial Officer of TAP and had been the CEO of Azul, David Neeleman’s company. He is both Brazilian and Portuguese, and before entering the world of aviation, he was McKinsey’s partner.