Pedro Almeida, Portuguese businessman, purchased the Comporta fund

  • ECO News
  • 14 July 2017

The Portuguese oil sector businessman wants to transform Comporta real estate in a "exclusive resort, highly attractive to the international market". The value of the operation is not disclosed.

Pedro Almeida has concluded the purchase of the fund Herdade da Comporta FEIIF. The businessman kept 59.09% of the investment fund which manages touristic and real estate projects in the area; the businessman will also present a proposal to acquire the farming portion of Comporta.

The announcement was made by Ardma, an investment holding owned by Pedro Almeida. On July 10th, Pedro Almeida signed a contract in which Ardma acquired 59.09% of the Herdade da Comporta FEIIF fund, resorting to his own funds.

The businessman aims to turn Comporta into an exclusive resort “highly attractive for the international market”. The announcement of the purchase does not include the price of the operation. This deal is still dependent on the approval of Portuguese, Luxembourger and Swedish authorities, and after its conclusion, Pedro Almeida will hold 1,360 hectares, in addition to the 650 thousand square meters of constructions, to be approved.

Over the next three months, the 72 year old businessman will also make a proposal to purchase Herdade da Comporta — Atividades Agrosilvícolas e Turísticas (Agriculture and Tourism activities), the company which manages rice fields.