New public debt record: it is now more than 247 billion euros

  • ECO News
  • 1 June 2017

This increase in the Portuguese Republic's indebtedness is happening mostly due to issuances made last month, which totaled 3.5 billion euros.

Portuguese public debt has increased once again in April, to over 247 billion euros — a record amount –, according to data from the Bank of Portugal.

Public debt statistics concerning April indicate Portugal’s indebtedness “stood at €247.4 billion, an increase of €3.9 billion from the end of March”.

This increase happens mainly because of net issues of securities totaling 3.5 billion euros, the bank headed by Carlos Costa explains.

In April, the IGCP (Portuguese Debt Management Agency) had a double auction of five and eight-years Treasury bonds, raising 1,250 million euros. In addition, the Agency headed by Cristina Casalinho concluded another issuance of OTRV (sovereign bonds sold to retail investors – Obrigações do Tesouro de Rendimento Variável) totaling 1,000 million euros, among other titles (Certificados do Tesouro Poupança Mais and certificados de aforro).

Portuguese Public Debt

Source: Bank of Portugal

The bank of Portugal also indicates there was an increase in currency and deposits liabilities of 300 million euros.

As for public debt net of central government deposits, it increased to 227.6 billion euros, which is a new maximum amount. In March, debt ratio was 130.6% of Gross Domestic Product.