Travel agencies estimate New Year’s Eve bookings 35% above 2021

  • Lusa
  • 15 December 2022

The Portuguese Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism (APAVT) anticipates that for the end of year they will see reservations for New Year's Eve 35% above 2021 numbers.

The Portuguese Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism (APAVT) anticipates that for the end of year they will see reservations for ‘réveillon’ (New Year’s Eve) 35% above 2021 numbers, with prices higher between 10% and 15%.

Asked by Lusa if he anticipates a better end of year than in 2021, in terms of travel bookings by agencies, the president of APAVT said, “Clearly.”

“When we [the association] respond on behalf of the market, we always have to relativize, explaining that the market incorporates asymmetric responses, but yes, I would say that, on average, we will have an end of year operation about 35% above 2021,” said Pedro Costa Ferreira in statements to Lusa.

At a time when all indicators that measure tourism activity point to a 2022 closing close to the record year of 2019, or even being able to surpass it – as is the case of tourism revenue -, Pedro Costa Ferreira says that in the case of travel agencies they are “getting closer”.

“Maybe we will close with a very similar operation to 2019,” he says.

In November, the then secretary of state for tourism, Rita Marques, said in Fatima that it was “almost certain” that there would be a new record for tourism revenue at the end of this year.

In 2019, the best ever for national tourism activity, Portugal achieved tourism revenues of more than €18 billion.

Already on the regions/cities most sought after by the Portuguese, in terms of demand in the country, Pedro Costa Ferreira says that “while it is true that, by tradition, Algarve and Madeira lead, it must be stressed that Alentejo, Lisbon, the Centre, the North and the Azores have developed alternative end-of-year offers, which have had growing attraction.”

“So, I would say that end of year travel, in Portugal, extends a little everywhere, with natural relevance for the Algarve and Madeira,” reinforces the president of the association.

As for national tourists travelling abroad, “diversity will be the most relevant characteristic”, he underlines, giving as an example Turkey, Egypt, Senegal, the Caribbean, Brazil, Dubai, Indonesia and Vietnam.

“There will be a bit of everything, from the most affordable to the extravagant,” he exemplifies.

As for the average increase in the price of package tours/travel compared to 2021, Pedro Costa Ferreira explains that “it will depend on the destination chosen, given the origins of inflation”.

“I would say that destinations quoted in USD [dollars] and that include flights will perhaps be the destinations whose prices have risen most, due to the increase in ‘fuel’ and the variation of the dollar against the euro. In general, I believe that prices have risen between 10% and 15%,” he said.

Still, when asked if the travel agencies associated with APAVT are experiencing cancellations of early reservations, the president of the association says that “there have not been any”.

On the other hand, taking into account the same situation, if the APAVT believe they will be surprised with last-minute reservations, the president denies it as well.

“As operations are generally going well, I don’t think there will be many last minute bookings,” he concludes.