Bairro restructures its stores and team and closes ‘strategic partnership with a marketplace’

  • ECO News
  • 29 August 2022

The Platform is "capturing new investment" and analysing "new openings according to the economic context."

Bairro is the latest delivery platform to undergo a reorganisation of its stores and team. The delivery platform has also closed a “strategic partnership with a marketplace”, an official company source told ECO.

“Considering the current context and the consequent slowdown in the pace of investment, we have carried out a business restructuring, which translates into the reorganisation of the dark stores and the respective team, through a strategic partnership with a marketplace, whose details will be announced soon,” said an official source when contacted by ECO with the information that the platform would reorganise its operation, which would involve closing stores, with an impact on the number of employees.

The company does not detail the impact of this restructuring, but the measure represents a change from the plans of a year ago. At the time, Bairro had closed a round of €1.2 million with Russian investors and the strategy was to expand in Lisbon, reach Porto by the end of the year and, later, the entire country. The business plan also included entering Spain and neighbouring markets.

In November, after opening its third dark store in Parque das Nações, the startup intended to increase the team and, by the end of the year, exceed the mark of 100 employees.

“We are capturing new investment to continue with our mission to improve the lives of the Portuguese, analysing new openings according to the economic context, and we maintain our focus on being the first option in last-minute shopping delivery in the country,” says the same source.