Parliamentary Transparency Commission approves lifting of former minister’s immunity

  • ECO News
  • 23 February 2022

This decision, which has yet to be formalised this Thursday, will allow former minister Eduardo Cabrita to be arraigned and questioned in the case of a fatal accident.

The parliamentary transparency committee approved the lifting of immunity of the former minister of internal administration, Eduardo Cabrita, according to RTP3 and CNN. This decision, which has yet to be formalised this Thursday, will allow the former minister to be charged and questioned in the case of the fatal accident of a worker on the A6 motorway.

Cabrita enjoyed immunity for being a member of parliament, after he resigned as minister of internal administration, so the Public Prosecution Service (MP) asked the Assembly of the Republic to lift it. The waiver of immunity was unanimously approved by the Transparency Commission, but will still have to be formalised during the vote of the Standing Committee.

In question is the fatal car crash on a highway of a worker who was on that motorway where the minister’s car was travelling at 166 kilometres per hour.

In the request for a waiver of immunity, it is explained that Cabrita could be accused of negligent homicide by omission – which is punishable by up to three years in prison or a fine – as he could have given orders to reduce the speed to Marco Pontes, the driver of the vehicle, who has already been accused by the Public Prosecutor.