Relive raises €1 million to expand its business to Texas

  • ECO News
  • 21 January 2022

The amount raised will allow the Portuguese startup to expand and hire 15 people in 2022.

The Portuguese real estate startup Relive has received €1 million from a group of investors to expand its business to Texas, USA. The round was led by Shilling.

Founder José Costa Rodrigues, who broke the news on LinkedIn, chose this market to take the first step of internationalisation, after having made half a hundred property sales and leases in 2021, according to company figures. It was the startup’s first full year in business, following its incorporation in January that year.

“It’s our first round [of seed funding]. Before that, there had been another investor, which was me, with €150,000 in the so-called pre-seed,” jokes the entrepreneur, in a conversation with ECO.

With this operation, José Costa Rodrigues promises to establish the startup in one of the US states preferred by multimillionaires, as it does not charge municipal taxes (only federal ones). He also plans to recruit 15 people by the end of the year, in areas such as programming and communication, of which two are going to be located in the new market.

Besides Shilling, the Portuguese companies Indico, Portugal Ventures and Bynd, and the North Americans Techstars and Accel, the latter known for having been one of Facebook’s first investors, in 2005, are also involved in the operation. The group also includes some business angels, such as Diogo Mónica, from Anchorage, and Pedro Bizarro, from Feedzai – two “unicorns” with national DNA.