Government approves 2022 State Budget proposal on Friday

  • ECO News
  • 6 October 2021

The State Budget will focus on re-launching the economy, with "strong growth in public investment," said António Costa. The medical class will receive particular attention, added the prime minister.

The government is expected to approve next Friday the “final version” of the State Budget for 2022, prime minister António Costa told reporters. The document will then be submitted to parliament by October 11.

The State Budget proposal was discussed on Tuesday in the Cabinet and, according to António Costa, “a lot of technical work” was being done. Next Friday, October 8, the “decisive Cabinet” meeting should take place, in which the final version of the document in question will be approved, he said.

The prime minister pointed out that, in the meantime, the dialogue with parliamentary partners continues, mainly because there is still no agreement regarding the approval of the State Budget for next year, which will be “focused on relaunching the economy, with strong growth of public investment,” and “will pay great attention to the medical classes, and in particular to the younger generations.”

In greater detail, and according to António Costa, the next State Budget will be “very friendly” to the younger generations and will seek to “create conditions so that the autonomy [of these generations] may be a success”, so that Portugal “may take advantage of the most extraordinary generation it has ever had.”