Second phase of deconfinement begins today in Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 18 May 2020

This phase will mark the reopening of spaces such as restaurants and cafes, but also of some commercial establishments and kindergartens.

Fifteen days after the government’s plan of deconfinement has been launched, it is time for the second phase. This Monday several restrictions will be lifted, which will allow the reopening of many establishments and the return of some activities.

This phase will mark the reopening of spaces such as restaurants and cafes, but also commercial establishments, kindergartens, and the return of face to face classes for some students. The Directorate-General for Health (DGS) has already published multiple manuals with guidelines for the reopening of these spaces.

Look at everything that’s reopening this Monday:

  • kindergartens are reopening;
  • Classes for the 11th and 12th grades will be resumed. Students from about the age of 10 onwards are required to wear a mask;
  • Restaurants, cafes and pastries will reopen, but they can only receive half the capacity of their establishment;
  • Commercial facilities with 400 square meters, or shops up to 400 square meters;
  • Nursing homes, where visits are again possible, but only one guest per person, once a week, by appointment;
  • Fairs and markets, but with a contingency plan. The government, however, clarified that only those who sell products can resume the activity;
  • Camping and caravan parks, which will have a maximum capacity of two-thirds. These spaces may also have the “Clean & Safe” stamp, from Turismo de Portugal;
  • Museums, monuments and palaces;
  • Recreational sailing, as well as conducting inspections and certification of ships and boats.